Airtight Energy Audits
20 years experience crawling in, on, under and around residential homes.
Owner Robert Coffman - Experience
Owner Robert Coffman - Experience

Over 20 years crawling in, on, under and around the residential home doing repair and restoration gives Robert an in-depth understanding of how your home ticks. He has experience with:

Insulation installation in crawl spaces, attics, and walls
Interior and exterior sealing (spray foam, caulking, attic access panels)
Limestone foundation tuck pointing
Siding replacement
Roofing and roof repair
Window and door installation
Concrete and rock foundation work
This experience contributes to and enhances his knowledge of basic residential Kansas house problems and solutions. In addition Robert has current training in safety and efficiency testing techniques. His valuable understanding of how a home’s structure, maintenance history, and mechanical systems interact with the environment and the individual's lifestyle help facilitate the energy audit process. The combination of his first-hand experience and the audit process will produce a plan that, if implemented, will mean for you immediate reductions in monthly energy costs, greater comfort year round, and a healthier, tighter, more energy efficient home.
Robert Coffman’s Certifications, Training, Affiliations and Memberships:
     * Home Energy Rater Training Certification - Kansas Building Science Institute
     * RESNET National Rater Exam Certification - Kansas Building Science Institute
     * Kansas Building Science Institute - Residential Furnace Inspection Training
* Solar Energy International – Solar Hot Water Installation Certification

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