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Energy Audit
Implementing Improvements
Implementing Improvements
Part of the energy audit report is the Improvements Analysis and Improvement Measures Specifications. These are very specific instructions for a contractor or yourself to correctly carry out the improvements on your house that will make it more efficient. When and how you use these is up to you. 
After we provide a report (Audit) on the energy efficiency of your home and in it make recommendations for improvements as part of the Audit, you have many choices of where to go from here, depending upon your budget, your goals and the priorities of your house. Some of these options are:
The Basics Only Please, One Step at a Time
Just complete the Energy Audit and keep the information for future improvements as can be afforded.  There is no requirement or pressure to implement improvements on your house.
The Efficiency Kansas Loan
Robert will submit your $100 Efficiency Kansas Audit to Efficiency Kansas to assess the amount of an Efficiency Loan you may be eligible for. Once approved, you can implement home improvements per your audit recommendations. You can do the work yourself or contract it out. Once you complete the improvements through Efficiency Kansas, Airtight Energy Audits will be back to inspect the work to make sure it meets the standards, and the $200 final inspection fee will be paid by Efficiency Kansas
Your loan for improvements may be through a participating bank or utility, and it will be repaid entirely through the savings your improvements net over 15 years. You will not pay a penny out of pocket for the improvements. There will never be a better way to make your home more efficient.
Energy Improvements, No Loan
You can bypass the loan process and hire different individual contractors or do the work yourself. You can then work at your own pace, completing improvements as possible but using the Energy Audit as a guide to priorities. You may or may not opt to have Airtight Audits back to inspect the work to verify that it improves the energy efficiency.
And, if you decide to submit your Energy Audit to Efficiency Kansas for a Loan after completing some energy efficiency work, the completion of highest priority air sealing first may make you eligible for other types of improvements in your loan, such as new windows, heating appliances, or even solar water heat.
Sealing and Insulation may include:
•  exterior sealing of all air sources to the inside, creating an air barrier.  This is necessary for insulation to function properly
•  duct sealing and insulating duct work
•  attic insulating and air barrier sealing
•  rim joist insulating
•  wall insulating
•  crawl space sealing and insulating
•  window repair/remove and replace existing windows if needed.
•  window sealing


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