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20 years experience crawling in, on, under and around residential homes.



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 Efficiency Kansas Auditor: Robert Coffman
Phone:  (785) 727-0209

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make your home a more comfortable place to live, your utility bills much cheaper, and to lessen the environmental footprint of your house. All of these go hand-in-hand.

We do this by assessing your house for energy efficiency using an energy audit, providing you with a thorough diagnostic analysis of problems, and a list of recommended solutions/improvements that is prioritized from greatest impact/least cost to greatest cost/least gain.

At your pace and within your budget we can then assist you in executing those improvements to make your home a more energy efficient, less expensive and more comfortable place to live.
At the completion of the energy efficiency improvements Airtight Audits will return to inspect work completed, insuring that all improvements were completed correctly. This is a necessary step if you submit an energy audit to Efficiency Kansas and have a loan through them. During this final visit Airtight Audits will measure actual efficiency improvements to your home. 






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