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20 years experience crawling in, on, under and around residential homes.
I already know where my air leaks are – why do the audit?
First, the leaks you can actually detect are probably just a fraction of the places where heat and cold escape. By using pressure provided by the blower door, the auditor will detect far more places where sealing and insulating can help your energy bill.
Second, your house’s energy efficiency involves far more than just the air leaks. The auditor will be looking at ALL your energy use… and waste, including your electricity and water use, insulation, your appliances and heating/cooling systems to give you a comprehensive picture of your home's energy use.

My budget is limited, is it worth investing in the audit if I don’t have thousands to fix the problems?
The home energy audit is a Big Picture summary that can help you fix the problems of your home immediately, over the next year, or in years to come. It can be a map that guides you to the most effective improvements as funding comes available. You can do as much or as little as you want to or can, when you can, but if you use the energy audit as a road map, you will know that whenever you invest in efficiency improvements it will be the best bang for your buck.
Is there stimulus money out there to help cover my costs of the energy audit and the improvements?
Yes!!! There are multiple programs in place that will help you with tax advantages, loans and rebates.  The best opportunity right now is the $100 Audit from Efficiency Kansas (See The first 1500 Kansans to get an Efficiency Kansas energy audit will be able to pay only $100 of the cost of the audit and Efficiency Kansas will pay the rest, up to $500. 
In addition, Efficiency Kansas loans are available for the improvements themselves that require no payments. These can be either through participating banks or utility companies, and are repaid completely by your energy savings on your utilities!  The Efficiency Kansas loans require an energy audit to be submitted by a certified Efficiency Kansas auditor such as Airtight Audits in order to qualify for the funding.
Finally, if improvements are implemented on the Thermal Envelope as recommended by your audit, a $500 Rebate will be paid to you for the first $500 of improvements made.
What is a blower door and how does it work?
The blower door is a fundamental piece of the energy auditor’s equipment. It actually creates a negative pressure in your home that forces air through all the leaks into your house so that they are easily detectable. In addition, the door measures the volume of air leaking so that overall improvements can actually be quantified using before and after tests. The sum of all your leaks can be as big as a wide open window in your house. The goal is to reduce the size of that total leak.


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