Airtight Energy Audits
20 years experience crawling in, on, under and around residential homes.
Energy Audit
Energy Audit Diagnostics
Energy Audit Diagnostics

 Combustion Safety and Efficiency Tests of:
•  Indoor (ambient) air carbon monoxide levels
•  Drafting/spilling of combustion gases for all heating systems
•  Carbon monoxide levels within flue gases for all heating systems
•  Steady state efficiency of all heating systems

Combustion air requirements for all heating systems in confined spaces
Indoor Air Quality Evaluated by:
•  Combustible gas leak inspection
•  Moisture sources investigated
•  Air exchange rate checked using blower door pressurizing/de-pressurizing test
Whole Home Air Leakage Evaluation:
•  Calculating “target” air leakage rate of home to provide adequate replacement air
•  Performance of blower door test for actual air leakage rate
•  Visual inspection of air leakage areas and recommendations for sealing


Energy Audit
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